The First Designer

Dennis Pollicino
Born on 11th May 1946 in Bronx, New York.

Born to Italian parents, from an early age, he grew up surrounded by works of art by traditional European masters. Since his father was a leather craftsman and pottery dyeing craftsman, he was interested in producing works of art from an early age. Strongly influenced by his father, Dennis dreamed of opening his own store in California as an artist one day, and Dennis's parents supporting him and gave him an environment which helped him develop his artistry from an early age.

After graduating from school, he joined the United States Navy and lived on a cruiser for several years, but he had left the army and opened his dreaming store.

He was always cheerful, easy to get along with, and felt familiar to everyone, also people who had met Dennis, were in love with the character of Dennis more than the works.

In addition, the original braided technique of Dennis’s leather products was taught by his father, who is also a craftsman and the pioneer of the leather craftsman. Then Dennis used his unique technique to make a lot of works, and It has been widely evaluated all over the world along as NEW jewelry designs that have never been seen in the past.


Dennis Pollicino
出生於1946年5月11日 紐約布朗克斯區




Second Generation Designer

Shinya Mukaijo
Born on 26th September, in Ibaraki, Osaka.

From an early age, Mukaijo was interested in drawing and crafting, also thinking of becoming a skilled craftsman. When Mukaijo was looking for his future, he realized that there is a career as jewelry designer and began to pursue his metal carving path.

After graduating from school, he joined the United States Navy and lived on a cruiser for several years, but he had left the army and opened his dreaming store.

While attending a metal engraving school, he was shocked by Leathers and Treasures, which was published in an accessory magazine. As possible as he can, he made a friend who living in the US and to have a communicate with Dennis, that he could applicated to become a disciple and go abroad to the United States alone. Unfortunately, since there was an urgent that Dennis couldn’t meet up with Mukaijo. After that even Mukaijo had go abroad to the US for several times, he still couldn’t catch up with busy Dennis. In 2006, Dennis invited Mukaijo to his domestic flagship store’s opening party in Japan, and Mukaijo got the chance to had communicate with Dennis and presented the jewelry that he worked on. After several times of applicants for discipleship and communicates, Mukaijo finally got the acceptation of the apprenticeship from Dennis in 2011. After that, Mukaijo received technical training and guidance for improving his engraving technique while traveling between Japan and the United States. In 2014, he was accepted as a second-generation designer and being recognized as a designer by Dennis.

Currently, he is continuing the brand concept and creating new items, such as developing the mini-sized items and lighters that Dennis couldn’t produce. Not only engaged in prototype production and item production, he also has a presence as an artist, being selected by the book “100 selections of Japanese jewelry artists”.


向條 伸哉
生於1980年9月26日 大阪府茨木市


在金工學校時、他被刊登於雜誌上的「Leathers and Treasures」給深深地震撼到了。並透過居住在美國的朋友與Dennis結識、便隻身一人跨海至美國請Dennis收他為徒。不幸的是、由於Dennis遇上了緊急情況導致無法與向條順利見面。在那之後、即便向條已經在日本以及美國之間來回數次、他仍舊無法與忙碌的Dennis見上一面。到了2006年、Dennis邀請向條參加他位於日本的旗艦店開幕派對、向條便藉此機會與Dennis進行了交流、並且向Dennis介紹了自己製作的珠寶。爾後、經過多次的造訪請求以及溝通之後、向條終於在2011年獲得了Dennis的應允成為Dennis公認的門下弟子。此後、向條在遊走於日本與美國之間的同時、接受著Dennis的技術培訓和指導、以改善並且精進他的雕刻技術。最後、在2014年向條終於得到了Dennis的認可、並公開表示向條將為「Leathers and Treasures」的第二代設計師。